purpose of ed foundation

The Education Foundation of Yuma County is a private, non-profit organization established to support and recognize the profession of teaching and raise public awareness of the importance and value of education.

Resources are directed to projects that are consistent with this purpose and that enhance public support of education. The Foundation is composed totally of volunteers from business and education sectors.

upcoming events
The 2020 Teacher of the Year Kickoff Dinner will be held the first Monday in March and will spotlight every TOY nominee from every school in Yuma County.  Watch here for further details.
The 2019 Teacher of the Year Banquet was held Tuesday, April 23, 2019, at the Yuma Civic and Convention Center.  Congratulations to all our category honorees as well to our overall Yuma County Teacher of the Year, Theodore 'TJ' Thorpe from Pueblo Elementary School in the Crane School District!
who we are,
and our goals

Recognize and honor professional educators who have made lasting contributions to education in Yuma County.

Recognize Yuma County residents or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to education in Yuma County.

Recognize individuals who attend Yuma County schools for outstanding accomplishments or contributions to society.

Preserve and showcase the history of education in Yuma County.

Increase public awareness of the impact education has on daily lives.