The Education Foundation of Yuma County is a private, non-profit organization established to support and recognize the profession of teaching and raise public awareness of the importance and value of education.

Resources are directed to projects that are consistent with this purpose and that enhance public support of education. The Foundation is composed totally of volunteers from business and education sectors.


They hybrid Teacher of the Year (non-) Banquet event was celebrated on April 20th.  CONGRATULATIONS to our Category winners and our Yuma County Teacher of the Year!

  • Primary Category

Kristina Ben Saida, Rolle Elementary School, Yuma District One

  • Intermediate/Special Area Category

Laura Danford, Dorothy Hall Elementary School, Yuma District One

  • Junior High/Middle School Category

Kerry Morse, Castle Dome Middle School, Yuma District One

  • High School Category

Timothy Rebek, San Luis High School

  • College/University Category

Arizona Western College Fulltime:              Deltrina Grimes, Professor of Music            Arizona Western College Parttime:           Katheline Ocampo, Asso. Professor of Psychology

NAU Yuma Branch Campus Fulltime:            B. Randolf Martin, Senior Lecturer, Education Dept.                                                                NAU Yuma Branch Campus Parttime:           Ted Ceasar, Adjunct Professor, Arts and Sciences Dept.

  • Yuma County 2021 Teacher of the Year

Christopher Franey, Woodard Junior High, Yuma District One


Recognize and honor professional educators who have made lasting contributions to education in Yuma County.

Recognize Yuma County residents or organizations who have made outstanding contributions to education in Yuma County.

Recognize individuals who attend Yuma County schools for outstanding accomplishments or contributions to society.

Preserve and showcase the history of education in Yuma County.

Increase public awareness of the impact education has on daily lives.




Our Sponsors:

Rotary Clubs of Yuma County
FRIEND of the Foundation: Anne V. Fisher