Endowment Fund

The Education Foundation of Yuma County is a non-profit organization established to enhance teaching and learning in Yuma’s educational systems. The Foundation continuously raises funds through its endowment efforts to support creative initiatives for students and  teachers that supplement the normal operations of Yuma’s schools in areas such as: extra-curricular activities, curriculum innovation and enhancement, scholarships, financial assistance, professional development, and the recruitment and retention of high quality teachers.

Student Learning Initiatives

  • Student Experiential Learning Opportunities
    Helps fill a gap in teaching and learning resources in our K-12 system. It awards mini grants on a competitive basis to K-12 educators and schools for developing quality field trips, science and fine arts projects, and other enrichment activities needed to help Yuma County students become the future innovators who can sustain growth in our community.
  • Student After-School Programs
    Provides safe and productive after-school learning and recreation programs for students. These programs, which are often crucial for social development, include academic support, mentoring, arts, and sports. Students who participate in well-supervised, well-coached after-school programs demonstrate higher academic achievement, improved health, confidence, and decreased risky behavior.
  • Student Leadership Development
    Supports a Yuma Youth Leadership Academy that prepares future leaders for policy-making roles in the Yuma region. Academy participants complete a one-year program in leadership and civic responsibility where they become familiar with policy-makers and policy-making processes, and are mentored by community leaders in government, business, industry and education. Annually, each Academy cohort completes a public policy project with a partner agency that addresses an issue of significance to the Yuma community.

Teacher Development Initiatives

  • Teacher Educational and Professional Development
    Provides financial support for teachers’ educational and professional development that is not available through regular employment.
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention
    Addresses teacher shortage and teacher retention issues in our region by strengthening support systems for new and continuing teachers that help to integrate and keep them in our community. Resources are used for recruitment and retention stipends as well as social and professional activities that welcome, connect and support new teachers across Yuma County school districts and connect them with local patrons and organizations in the larger community.

Education Foundation Sustainability Initiative

  • This endowment initiative sustains the Education Foundation of Yuma County and its mission to raise funds for various educational initiatives in Yuma school systems.

Donor Specific Requests Initiative

  • Donors may choose to contribute in other ways, or to areas that are not covered by the above- outlined initiatives. For example, a donor may wish to improve an athletic field at a particular school, or to renovate a library. The Education Foundation is happy to work with donors to accomplish their goals.

If you are interested in learning more about the Education Foundation of Yuma County's Endowment Fund, please feel free to contact us.